Canelo vs GGG 3 – Will It be A Great Fight?

On September 17, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will compete in a third round.

GGG vs Canelo 3

Alvarez’s four world belts at 168 pounds will be on the line in the final round of this highly anticipated trilogy between these two warriors.

Gennady Golovkin doesn’t care if he wins or loses his third fight against Canelo Alvarez because he feels his record speaks for itself.

When asked by reporters if a third bout with Alvarez was required for his career in terms of building a legacy, Gennady Golovkin said no.

GGG is interested with the financial perks

He merely claimed that beating the Mexican will allow him to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

He was convinced that the increased earnings from this third battle will allow him to retire in style.

Canelo has criticized Saul Alvarez, but the Kazakh fighter has made it clear that he has little love for the Mexican boxer.

The previous fight

Despite the fact that many thought Golovkin should have won based on his better performance, their first fight ended in a tie.

Possibly if Canelo won the rematch, many commentators felt the fight should have finished in a draw or even been given to the Kazakh.

On September 17, one of the most anticipated boxing trilogy finales in recent memory will take place. The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, will stage a boxing contest.

The upcoming bout

According to Matchroom Boxing’s promoter, the match between Canelo and GGG in September may be too violent.

Following the Canelo-Golovkin 3 news conference, Eddie Hearn would speak.

Following the original news conference for the fight, Eddie Hearn spoke to the media about the enmity between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Hearn warned Canelo not to let his sentiments for Golovkin impact his performance in the ring. The third and final match of the trilogy will take place on Saturday.

Golovkin will be larger, stronger, and more robust once he hits 168 pounds.” Canelo is a pit bull and another breed mix, not a Rottweiler. In this situation, he should use prudence. He had already told the media that he intended to be merciless and that he had no intention of changing his mind.

The fact that he accomplished this achievement against a world-class puncher like Gennady Golovkin astounds the expert and supporters. Even if Gennady Golovkin fought him in this fashion again, it would be extremely dangerous. However, experts don’t think this battle will go the whole twelve rounds.

According to Golovkin, Canelo wants Gennady to say what he’s been saying to the media (to his face). When you think about what he said, you understand and realize… “I admire him,” Gennadiy says, “but that’s not the issue.”

Canelo Alvarez was defeated in his most recent bout. Gennady Golovkin, a professional boxer, is battling for his life. Both competitions had challenging nominees for “Fight of the Year.” They clearly want to engage in fight and grab control of the situation. Prepare for the start of the “biggest and most exciting conflict to date.”

Clearly on a vast scale “Despite the fact that Anthony Joshua has signed with the company, Canelo will fight GGG on DAZN, and Canelo will fight Bivol in the near future, some may continue to question DAZN’s legitimacy or success, despite the fact that it is the largest platform in American boxing and the only platform for international boxing.

DAZN will broadcast each of these fascinating tournaments. It can only become better because it is such a creative instrument for sports broadcasting. This fight will be the most historic in boxing history.

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