Gennady Golovkin can beat Canelo in Trilogy?

On September 17, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The super-middleweight title will be on the line when the Mexican superstar fights his old opponent.

Gennady Golovkin can beat Canelo in Trilogy

This is their second 24-round battle, and they are well-versed in each other’s styles. “I’m thrilled and blessed to give the finest matches, and this will not be an exception,” Alvarez said following the announcement.”See you then,” “GGG” remarked on September 17.

‘I’m pleased to have Canelo vs. GGG booked for September 17th,’ Matchroom president Eddie Hearn stated.

Both combatants are very set on ending this series with a knockout.

In an epic combat between two great champions, the first bell will ring, and pyrotechnics will continue to explode until the last bell.

Golovkin is a threat to his opponent despite being 40 years old and past his prime.

He has now won all four of his fights, including the rematch with Canelo. His most recent victory versus Ryta Murata was underwhelming.

After a draw between GGG and Canelo in 2017, Alvarez defeated GGG in 2018 by majority decision.

Alvarez is anticipated to rematch Bivol after his three-fight series, but if he loses against Gennady Golovkin, interest will wane.

Many fans believe Golovkin can beat Canelo because of his recent loss to Dmitry Bivol on May 7.

Golovkin must employ the same tactics as Bivol in order to defeat Canelo. As a result, Golovkin is in for a tough bout.

Bivol outworked, outpunched, and outboxed Canelo over the course of twelve rounds in Las Vegas, dominating the Mexican fighter on all three counts. The judges gave a poor score of 115-113.

The aliens were given scorecards and instructed to score Canelo-Bivol as though they had just arrived from Andromeda. The judges’ strange ratings defy comprehension.

Canelo’s trainer and manager, Eddy Reynoso, believes there are no imminent intentions for a rematch with Bivol. Let’s get this party started, Mexicans; we never give up.

When Canelo chooses not to pursue vengeance on Bivol, he isn’t giving up, but his lack of enthusiasm makes him appear fragile.

Canelo vs. GGG 3 is, according to Eddie Hearn, more essential than Spence vs. Crawford.
As his 41st birthday approaches, Canelo aspires to fight Golovkin.

Canelo fought Bivol like a 40-year-old, hitting barely a few punches in each round.

Because Golovkin is a novice fighter, he has the upper hand.

In his May 7 loss against Bivol, Canelo appeared to be the same age as Golovkin, despite Golovkin having only fought four times previously.

According to boxer Eddie Hearn, Canelo and Golovkin are both determined to end their series with a knockout. Given that he was not disadvantaged in their two fights, Canelo’s hatred for Golovkin is illogical.

Canelo should consider Golovkin a buddy after earning so much money battling him.

According to Hearn, the Canelo vs. GGG trilogy will feature “fireworks” from the opening bell through the last man standing.

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